We are often afraid in taking that step when we hear the word Entrepreneur, but I am glad I put all fears aside. I not only became an independent travel agent but has grown tremendously with my business through the training received.

Thanks to Xstream Travel, who has made it possible for me to become my own boss and venture into a world of A Class luxury.

I believe in working for my self. Let’s face it, we get a job after long hours of studying and paying tremendous amounts of money to finance our education. At the end of the day, we are often found being underpaid and over worked. One question that comes to mind is whether the pay suits our profile…think about it, are we really being paid the value of our worth especially those of us who are professionals? What about those at the bottom of the salary scale…don’t they always produce greater labour and receive very low wages? Isn’t that not ‘selling your labour for the price of money’! only to feed our family with hardly anything to spear? It isn’t worth it would you say? But won’t a residual income worth it all?

I have found a better way in which to enhance my standard of living, be self motivated and yet innovative; earning a residual income monthly through net-work marketing…for it is still the better way for economic growth, stability and entrepreneurship. Being afforded the ability to work from home provides me with flexibility that I would not have with a 9-5 job. Besides its not just another job, its a business and therefore I treat it as such. This means setting my daily schedule, meeting potential clients on time, effective and immediate responses. In fact I provide a service that bring pleasure to my clients.

If I can do all this, then one can safely say all walks of persons can build such a business..can’t they? No!! It take persons who are teachable, goal oriented and aggressive if I may add and willing to go that extra mile to make your business work for you and not you work for the business.

Let me ask you this:

What is it you want out of life? like your achievements, goals;

Besides owning my home I for one wants to be debt free so I can truly spend my hard earn money where I chose and not worry about creditors. The everyday rush in life is just not for me since I prefer flexible hours. There are very few jobs that provides such. I like to take my rest in the afternoon and work some nights while everything is quite.

How do you intend to acquire them?

Are you satisfied with your present job or do you want to supplement your present income?

Having a residual income is something I have always dream of but getting there was the problem until I was introduced to this business and understand how it works. Yes! in any business you are venturing into, you should have a sound knowledge of its operation. Your out put therefore depends heavily on your input….”knowledge is power…” in like manner that success leaves clues. Being successful in my travel business affords me the ability not only to travel the world and be paid but making sure my clients are satisfied with the services rendered.

In fact, when I can put a smile on my clients face and assist them in creating life long memories!! that signify the volume at which I operate my business!! and so can you.. !!!won’t you say?

I recognized the  wealth of opportunities available to me in this business. Won’t it be worth it if you too can own your business, travel the world and be paid anyway?




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