Have you ever been tired of being “sick and tired” working 9-5??? !!! Well !! that was me!!!!

Hello! My Name Is Ione Wiggins CEO/Founder of A.J. TRAVEL BARBADOS

Five years ago I was gainfully employed, but one day that carpet was pulled from beneath my feet resulting in bills increasing and creditors knocking. For the first time in my life, I experience what hunger was like; not having anything in the house to give my son; Having to wait on family, friends and my neighbor to provide for us.  It was tough.! Despite the many challenges faced, I had to complete my studies at The University of The West Indies in Sociology and Law. Thank God!! I made it.!

At the end of my studies I realized that returning to a 9-5 job was just not for me. I needed something more flexible, that afford me time for other things while continuing to assist persons in most needed areas.

One day, I saw a friend posted in Facebook of her achievements in Net Work  Marketing with the Travel Industry. I decided to pursue this since I always wanted to travel the world.  I didn’t have the money to invest at the time but later decided its now or never! the bills will be paid some how. The mare fact that I would be paid while travelling even made it more appealing. What made it even more fulfilling was the fact that  I would no longer be subjected to the every day rush. Added to that, It allowed me to create an atmosphere of managing my time effectively and hassle free, Realizing I would became my own boss…answerable to only me…and still be innovative. This gave rise to the commencement of A.J. Travel Barbados.


A.J. Travel Barbados an Independent Net Work Marketing business, open its door on April 30, 2016. Despite the fact that we are new in the Industry, our desire is to be innovative, seeking to create new fun filled packages that will result in life long memories. To do so, we search and research information in order to bring you our client the best available prices to meet your need. So Sit back, relax and let us find that perfect vacation package for you. If you prefer to cruise the world we are there. From transportation affording you that independence to explore these countries to all inclusive accommodations, we will certainly find affordable prices to meet your need.

I look forward to the transformation of many lives across the globe; be it satisfying a client’s need in travelling the world; or assisting persons in reaching their potential and fulfilling their desire of acquiring financial freedom through Net Working Marketing.

You can be assured that you are in safe hands when booking travel with A.J. Travel Barbados. 


We value your privacy and therefore we treat your privacy with strictest confidence except where third party involvement is required.  Third party in this case relates to suppliers of the Cruise Line Industry, Hotel suppliers, Tour Operators, Airlines, Rentals and other suppliers not mentioned. This means your information will be passed on to these suppliers for processing purposes only in order to facilitate the booking process of your trip. All relevant information will be kept on record for future access with the exception of your Credit Card Information, unless Authorized by you. 

Thank you

Ione Wiggins

Certified Travel Consultant

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